How Col8 Data Transparency can benefit you

Reduce the time of the SAR process for your video data and help level out unpredictable workloads

Reduce exposure to regulatory liability with tighter record keeping and adherence to current laws

Improved brand image and public perception of your organisation's data transparency

Embed our access request form into your existing website

Provide a clear way for members of the public to make a request

By providing a clear way for members of the public to request data from you, reduced contact with email or call staff thereby reducing total potential liability areas.

Collect all the necessary information up front

Save time going back and forth with the person requesting the information. We collect all the information needed for the request in one step.

Data Transparency tool desktop form interface.

Col8's video management technology does the heavy lifting

Interface demonstration of video compliance process using Col8 Data Transparency.

Inbuilt ability to deal with multiple data sources

We can search through footage taken from static sources (e.g. surveillance cameras) and moving sources (e.g. body cameras)

Pass between team members with no information loss

From initial contact through each step of the process to resolution, all actions are recorded

Review, action and fulfil requests in a flash

Out unique video viewer links data streams with video, allowing you to navigate by interacting with the timeline or map.

Col8 Data Transparency tool mockup

Download our free guide to video data under GDPR

Video and the rights of the public guide cover