Embed Col8

We know that your brand is important to you or you see this technology as being a great component of a wider solution. One of the key principles we used when developing Col8 was that you should be able to have the solution where and how you need it. Using simple calls to our service you can have all the functionality of Col8 embedded looking exactly as you want in minutes.

Enhance Col8

As well as embedding Col8 in to various solutions we can use the same technology to send information in / out of the service. Using Col8 as the routing system for video and data means you are able to intelligently use services like drone detection, image recognition faster and more efficiently than ever before. When deployed on the Col8 cloud solution this makes data transfer and processing massively faster than on premise whilst ensuring your data is safe in transit.

API for developers

So you want to know more about how the API actually works? To make it as simple as possible the API is built using REST architecture and JSON messages to do multiple activities from call route data through to uploading assets and searching. Check out the Swagger page to see the range of calls and begin experimenting without needing to do a line of code.