Col8 is taking on the defence and security sector with partners Techmodal

Recently at Col8 we've been focusing on the defence and security sectors, where our revolutionary interactive video technology can provide a step change in efficiency and performance. Like all great ventures, partnering with with a leader in innovation in the industry gives massive advantages, hence we've joined forces with Techmodal.

Col8 is aiming to revolutionise how we use video

Imagine if Google just searched page titles instead of the whole page of a website - think about how much harder it would be to explore without that ability. Current solutions for managing videos gives us no more power than just searching titles.

We were annoyed at how hard it was to use video - why can't I just see where footage was taken or who was in the footage?! Specialised storage and search solutions exist to handle complex data like 3D design schematics or sensor data from nuclear reactors. However, when it comes to the richest media - video - there was no good solution, until now. Our technology combines video with supporting data to allow better searches and understanding.

Techmodal - Opportunities found

Techmodal was founded by two PhD students in 2005, with a belief that by understanding the multitude of data within the aerospace and defence sectors. Techmodal has now grown to over 85 people delivering leading edge services and software to the Defence sector. Techmodal recently put out a call for startup companies to partner with to provide new services to their target markets. After just one meeting with recently promoted CEO, Kempton Cannons we realised there was a great fit between Col8 and Techmodal in the defence and security sectors.

Why Defence and Security?

The huge quantity of data and video generated in these sectors by CCTV, drones, helmet cameras and vehicle cameras are a challenge to manage. Col8's scalable architecture and simple user interface originally designed for consumer markets makes us a perfect fit in the area.

One of the things that really makes us passionate about defence and security is the potential to save lives by helping people to make better decisions with information we can provide quickly and efficiently.