Col8 is a revolutionary video delivery platform that combines video with data to give users an intuitive interface to explore and understand video content at scale

Col8 users and devices

Mission statement

Improving the experience of working with video for all

It was frustrating how seemingly simple tasks were so hard to do using existing video management platforms – why couldn't we quickly see where footage was taken, or who was in the footage?

Specialised solutions exist to handle complex forms of data such as 3D design schematics or sensor data from nuclear reactors, however, when it comes to the richest media – video – there was no good solution.

We set out to build is for ourselves, and Col8 was born.

Col8 The journey to now

Founded by Rupert and Charles to solve the issue of video being so hard to use, they knew there was a better way with the power of data and Col8 was born


Focussed on developing a cloud solution for organisations with video challenges at a massive scale, Col8's suite of tools became mature for the wider market


Took a round of venture funding enabling Col8 to quickly expand the team and deliver next generation solutions to many markets including security and defence

Meet the team

Charles Smith, CEO of Col8 Charles Smith CEO & Founder

Charles is a former Product Designer, Business Architect and Programme Manager leading global software teams on projects worth over £150m

Rupert Jabelman, CTO Rupert Jabelman CTO & Co-Founder

Rupert has successfully led award-winning development teams in digital agencies (Sift Digital, Torchbox) and start-ups for over a decade

Rose Nichols Rose Nichols Senior Developer

Rose has a range of complementary skills in the web sector including design and development, with a special interest in crafting modern front-end UIs

Jack Dyrhauge Jack Dyrhauge Business Development Manager

Jack is a multi-lingual sales executive who has represented clients in Geneva, Japan, Singapore, and Copenhagen

Portrait of Julie Snell Julie Snell Non-Executive Director

Julie brings deep industry experience from the telecoms and smarter cities sectors to provide support on strategy and growth

Portrait of Sam Holwell Sam Holwell Defence Sector & Board Advisor

Sam takes the lead in Techmodal Ventures, supporting and investing in technology companies that can bring a cutting edge to the defence and security market

Portrait of David Evans David Evans Defence Sector & Board Advisor

David is a founder of our partner company Techmodal, a fast growing defence consultancy specialising in systems and data for the MoD