Bring together all your organisation's assets Manage everything from one place
iMac, iPad and phone devices showing screens from the Col8 app
Cloud-based storage

Store all of your organisation's video, from an unlimited number of sources, on our secure cloud-based system

Intuitive navigation & retrieval

Bring data sources together with video to produce an interactive interface tailored for fast retrieval of needed assets

Collaborate anywhere

With low bandwidth streaming across any device, your video data can be accessed easily even on mobile devices in the field

Integrated video and data

Eliminate endless scrolling through footage trying to find a specific incident. We bring together any data source with your video to produce a fully interactive interface so you can find critical moments more easily than any other delivery system

Customised and delivered to your requirements

Col8 can be delivered to your requirements, whether you prefer to get up and running in minutes by using our browser-based cloud system, or customising am on-premise solution, we can give you exactly what you need

Interact with your data Your way
Search and filter result sets

Quickly narrow down result sets by searching and filtering on any number of metrics including date range, footage taken by or uploaded by a particular user, or another metric meaningful to your organisation

Browse location data in a meaningful way

Switch to map view for an overview of all locations with data. Filter results to see a specific range, or browse through the entire set

Find specific moments

Our unique video viewer helps you navigate directly to the moment you're searching for via the map or timeline. Annotate the footage for reference, or easily share with your team

Next steps

Innovative interface

Enhance your existing library of video footage and digital assets to help you easily find critical parts of your footage

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Data Transparency

Could your organisation deal with a sudden influx of Subject Access Requests? Data Transparency streamlines your process, helping smooth out unpredictable workloads

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