Embed our request form into your existing website Speed up data gathering and reduce staff member workload
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No new hardware

Seamlessly capture and upload text or images

No need to buy expensive new hardware just use any existing smartphone. The native mobile application allows your team to quickly and easily take a picture or comment whilst out on site.

This is uploaded to the central system where it is automatically distributed to the team and clients instantly.

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Robust evidence

Critical information about the evidence is saved

Unlike other solutions like messaging services or cloud storage arrays the Col8 Patrol™ system doesn't damage critical information about evidence which proves accurate time and location reporting to clients.

No extra hardware

No need to purchase new hardware, simply use any smart phone with our native mobile app and turn it in to a powerful evidence capturing tool fit for your industry

Setup your entire team in minutes

You don't have time to spend with complex, hard to install IT systems. Col8 Patrol™ is cloud based and can be up and running for you and your team in minutes.

Scale with your business

Only pay for the number of team members you have right now, no need to pay for what you don't use. When your team grows there are no hidden fees just add more people and you are sorted.

Bring multiple sources of information together seamlessly The intelligent Col8 Patrol™ system brings together evidence collected at different locations together in a simple to use timeline
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Never run out of storage

We know that on even the smallest of site management jobs your team can amass a lot of images and text so the Col8 Patrol™ system has infinite storage so you will never run out - ever

Share with your clients automatically and securely

Setup of secure client access to information is easy in the system and can automatically share everything collected about their site.

Always on

If your business works around the clock you need a system that does the same, no waiting for the people to awake the Col8 Patrol™ system is always on ready

Powerful tool, built for simplicity At the heart of the Col8® platform is a sophisticated set of image and video tools making using and finding insights faster
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