The next generation in video

Turn video into insights

Intuitive navigation

We help to eliminate endless scrolling through footage by allowing you to interact with data recorded alongside the video and pinpoint the important moments

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Search in context

Search through thousands of videos in seconds by what was actually happening in the footage

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Make better decisions

Simply intelligent

Col8 is constantly analysing matches between your video and other data sources to automatically find critical pieces of information

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Connect to the world

With the built in API our system can be connected to numerous systems ranging from AI’s, drone detection to BI’s giving you even better decision making power

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A legal step up

Regulations are getting tighter for managing video data. Our analytics and search capabilities make it easier to stay compliant and efficient

Seamless collaboration

Always ready

Our cloud based platform allows you to store all of your organisations videos without having to worry about space, durability or security

Collaborate anywhere

With low bandwidth streaming across any devices video data can be accessed easily even on mobile devices in the field

Single source of the truth

Using the highlight and comment tools will mean everyone is looking at the same information meaning more confident decisions can be made